Helping Foreigners at Work

I just remembered about this after blogwalking on some English blog that I had had a conversation with a backpacker woman from Czech Republic who visited Chandra Dept. Store Teluk Betung (Lampung) with her friends. She was troubled in deciding to buy Novel Mice’s jacket or not. It costed almost three hundred thousands rupiahs with fifty percent discount, but eventually she decided to buy it. I said to her that it fitted her body well, but she seemed to feel that the sleeves were a bit shorter to her liking (from what I could manage to understand). I was glad to help her deciding and translating what she wanted to say to Novel Mice SPG. She paid with her master card, which I think the safest idea for payment transaction because you can’t honestly entrust your belongings’ safety in some country. In Indonesia, don’t just rely on your guide to pay everything you buy. If you don’t have any guide to accompany you, master card will be very useful. At least if you visit stores like Chandra.

I made a small talk with her while we’re waiting for the receipt (every product has to be paid to the cashier by a receipt, and the product will be delivered by its SPG to the cashier). She praised me for my good English even though I was a local here. I told them that I used to take English in college and it helped me improve my skills, but I had to drop to help my family’s financial by working in Chandra. She was kind to wish for me to get back at college in the future, something I appreciated from a foreign stranger. Hahaha. But I felt happy to help foreigners buying things at my work place, and it’s the third time I did that. I hope next time I could meet and help as many foreigners as I can whenever they come to buy here. 🙂

By any chance, if you happen to visit Chandra Dept. Store Teluk Betung, Lampung, please visit my counter (Missty). Hehehe :mrgreen:

2 pemikiran pada “Helping Foreigners at Work

  1. what a valuable experience stumbled upon a foreigner. It was me helping them in Bambu Kuning Branch back then when foreigners looking for a bank.. Hihihi..

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