New Uniform

Good night! I rarely write on my blog at night, but I’m too bored to waste my time on sleeping so I guess it won’t be bad to have a little post shared. Actually there’s nothing special to talk about; my work run smoothly like any other day, my newbie partner is not too interesting to be used as a topic, and to be honest my day is quite boring. What I like about having day shift is because I don’t feel the times spent on work since in the morning I have a lot of tasks to distract me. I have to fill sale reports, rearrange my counter display and sell my products to customers. I’ve started to realize that my verbal skill when promoting clothes to customers seem to be increasing. I don’t feel too nervous again and it’s easier for me to compose myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve changed my uniform. Oh, talking about uniform, this week I’ve been starting to wear black uniform. For Chandra standard, if you’ve already been working for three months and memorize all rules in here, you can change from white-black (training) uniform into black one. So now I use black work trousers and button up shirt. I’m so happy to finally leave my skirt because working with skirt is really uncomfortable. If I get any chance, I’ll take a pic with my new uniform on. 🙂

This was taken last month when Chandra Dept. Store celebrated its 30th anniversary. I wore a hat and posed with my training uniform. Haha. 😛

I looked so fat. Ugh.. I’m getting fatter… -sigh-

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