New Bank Account

Happy Friday! Today the sky is gloomy and drizzling. Now I’m having breakfast with durian biscuits and coffee. Yesterday I supposed to have double shift like every other Thursdays, but since my shift partner is a newbie and doesn’t have her off day yet, for a month I’m going to be free from double shift. Good God, what a relief.

On the other hand, I’m also have to face the consequence of having paid lower, again. The thought made me grimace in in dissapointment. But that’s the job rules and I have to accept it whether I like it or not. Again, it’s better to be paid than not.

By the way, I’m also going to copy my bank account book’s first page to send it along with monthly report. Since my salary is paid via bank transfer, my brand office needs it to confirm te validation of my bank account. So next month I don’t have to worry about where my salary will go to because my bank account is already in their data. Ah, and I’ll be having my salary transfered into my new account for the first time! I’ll write about this experience next week I got it.

Talking about new bank account, I’d forgotten to write it on blog because I thought it wasn’t really a big thing to share. In last week of March I opened BCA “Tabunganku” with my father in BCA Bumi Waras. It costed only 32k rupiahs consisted of first deposit 20k and two “6000” stamps. My mother was shocked as well as relieved to hear my opening new account costed so cheap. She advised me to spend as small as possible and save some sums on it if I really want to live alone in dorm. I’ll need some furnitures and electronics to provide my necessity, and they of course don’t cost cheap.

If some of you are in Bandar Lampung Area and interested to open BCA “Tabunganku”, here are the does :

1. First advice for you is to go the BCA center office. I went to BCA Bumi Waras and the processes were quite easy for someone who never opened any bank account before. You’d be helped filling the form even when you already had your queue number. It’ll be efficient for you to save time. The clerk will ask you some questions for form filling, and it’s the best part. Some told me that this type of service is only given for students only. I was worried I would fail to open Tabunganku because I’m not student anymore, but actually it went smooth without problems and further questions about my job. So much relief! So if you want to open Tabunganku account, go to BCA Bumi Waras office. Don’t go to BCA local branch office because it’ll only waste your time.

2. Answer every question and ask anything you’d find confusing. The staffs are very helpful and kind to answer your question. Oh, when you make a signature make sure it matchs with the signature on your ID card. Lucky my signature was quite simple to write so I didn’t have any problem about it.

3. For first deposit I gave 20k so I won’t be able to take it back. When I checked it on ATM, the nominal was 0 rupiah. Maybe because it’s the nominal limit for Tabunganku or to prevent me from taking it. Honestly I have no idea, hahaha. So if you want to save money on it, let’s say 100k rupiahs, you’ll have to deposit 120k on your bank account.

4. Don’t forget your pin number! If you forget your pin number, you won’t have a privilage to have new card and number or any else. Your bank account will be closed and the money on it can’t be taken back (maybe). So please be careful!

It’s better for you to seek more informations on BCA about it. One thing I can tell you that Tabunganku doesn’t need any administration fee per month or when taken from ATM. You can do 4 times transactions freely, so it’ll be helpful for you to save money on your account. It’s only used for money saving only, and you can’t use it for shopping. Hahaha, I honestly don’t really need it because it’s not that useful.

Well, hope you enjoy your day. 🙂

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