Off Day

Good day!
I’m having my offday on Tuesday, thank God for that. I just had a piece of bread and coffee for breakfast, and now I’m sitting in my dorm room writing this. Seems so boring, eh?

But I’m happy to have a free day from work although this week I’m busy with monthly report that I’ll have to send to my center office. Being a SPG is quite hard, to be honest. A lot of things have to be done, and the only time for us to be freed from work is given once a week. Double shift feels torturing, especially in day shift week which I have to wake early after. Well, this is a real life. I have to endure it to gain my income. Haha.

By the way, living as a dorm girl is quite difficult, but exciting. I’ve never thought before that how things needed are depended on priority and cost. You need it but have no money to buy it, it’ll be set aside. You actually are reluctant to buy it but the price is reachable for your budget, you don’t have much choice except to buy it. Early and last dates seem like some kind of survival challenge. But that’s actually the best part, you gotta see yourself changing into better person who has more responsibility to your life. You’ll apreciate more of everything, never waste money on something unnecessary, and such. Those are things I’ve started to realize since living in dorm house. When you start a new life which force you to take all decisions wisely and efficienly, it will change you greatly and spectacularly. I’m glad I’ve chosen to live in dorm house. My dorm father is quite a good and caring man, very strict to girls who live here. Others also are good people and really glad to help when needed. Maybe it’s my luck to find this dorm house. šŸ™‚

My mom was a bit reluctant to let me live here because the place is so small for two girls to live in. But the rent is cheap and what is small if I only need my room for sleeping? My work time is almost 8 hours and the rest will be only spent on sleeping. So, Mom, I don’t complain much about the size.

Moreover, my salary is low compared to SPGs from other brands, so of course I’d have to press my outcome as small as possible to save money. If my mom expects me to help her paying debts, she can’t expect me for better place to live because I won’t be able to pay. 150k rupiahs for now are the fittest price for my budget. When I live alone, I’ll have to add 100k rupiahs for rent. It’ll be a homework for me to think.

Well, what’s a life without its challenge? šŸ™‚

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