Just Coming Back

It’s been a while since I talked about JKT48 in my blog. In these last monts I’ve been so busy of my job that I only have few times to make some updates. I couldn’t even make regular visit on GhaiNya thread anymore! On January, my phone had been taken by supervisor because in my workplace mobile phone is restricted. With my 8 hours work and shift changing every week, plus not having my phone with me, internet is unreachable. I was glad last week I had my phone back, it’s a big relief to access internet again after a month of no access. Especially sincd I’ve been missing a lot of updates about JKT48. The first thing that appeared in my Timeline was about Cigull’s graduation, a shocking news which made me a bit angry. I’m certain I also missed members’ Q&A and it’s too late to track their late tweets. Sucks, eh?

Well, at least I know Ghaida hasn’t graduated yet. My workmate who happened to be a JKT48 fan told me that She was going to graduate soon. I didn’t really take it seriously, but an anxious feeling was still there considering how she reacted when Nyash graduated. Thank God she’s still in JKT48, and the current news said she’s one of [Flying Get] senbatsu, together with Viyona. Congratulations for both of my oshis! <3<3

New pics of Ghashapon or Yona? Sorryy… I skip for this post. 😛 But if anyone of you have pics of them, please share to me. 😀

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