Members and Their Graduations

I was kind of late to write this in blog, but as my respect for Nyash, who is a bestfriend of Ghashapon, I think I shouldn’t have ignored and let it aside. Especially, there’s two more who decided to graduate after Nyash and Panda, makes me feel really dreaded that by the end of year we have to let some members go and drop their membership status.

Though the rumor about member graduation has been spread since Calendar Senbatsu voting, I never really thought that it’d be happen. I’m already used to hearing their names called and seeing their faces, and knowing that JKT48 members will never last long here is sad. What will happen if Ghashapon or Pipi graduates someday? I’d probably cry my eyes out and make a whole blog filled with her as my tribute, or create a song. But.. I can’t write a song, so that option is impossible. Haha..

Ghashapon’s message regarding to Nyash’s graduation :

“Nyash has a lot of abilities in art, but never shows them and Nyash is truly an idol, modest and patient idol. Because even before joining JKT48, Nyash has already been an idol, I hope Nyash out there can show something that people have never been seen before… Keep spirit Nyashuuuuu!!!

Nyashu is wonderful, can balance between college and JKT48, though the major that has been taken is hard (architecture), don’t forget to make me a house later, okay? Though we can’t reach our dream together, I’m sure one day we will be together again, hehehe. Good luck also with your Japanese language learning! Next time we will visit together in Japan and Korea. *eh?”

All I could say is thank you for all your had work in JKT48. You all; Stella, Nyash, Panda, Dhifa and Delli, have done and sacrifized a lot to stay in JKT48, and it will always be remembered by us fans. Hope after the graduation, you can pursue your future plan harder to reach every dream you have. See you next time. :’)

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