Melody JKT48’s Appointment is Unnoticed

Melody JKT as Fruit Ambassador

Credit to Taka-san (@IwanPalsu)

Yesterday was the inauguration day for Melody JKT48 as the Fruit Ambassador of Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Many Japan news had reported about this and we can find the videos on Youtube. But
I wonder… Why Indonesian news isn’t concerned with it?

A friend on my twitter had voiced his thought regarding to this case by saying,

“Indonesian common people are ignorant with Melody JKT48 named as fruit ambassador. It’s not acknowledged as an achievement.”

Somehow I agreed with his opinion. On Twitter it may be spreading so fast, from tweets and retweets amongst the fans. It’s gratifying, but another story happens on Facebook, or online news. When I posted several links from JKT48stuff contained the English translation from Japanese news, no one even made a single like on those three posts, let alone to post a comment. I even posted in on Fans JKT48 Lampung Facebook group, but it was ignored. We can take the conclusion based on these events : Melody’s appointment as the fruit ambassador of Okayama Prefecture, Japan is as normal as having a sunny breakfast in the morning. Or, the news is only a late bloomer in Indonesia, since only one day past after the news had been published. Either way, I have to say it’s upsetting if there’s only a few amount of people who’re concerned about it. It’s not exaggerating, right? We should have been happy with her appointment. It deserves at least one single report on TV news.

I, as any other fans of JKT48 was kinda hoping that at least Indonesian people consider the good effect and potencial given from this news. Even if I weren’t a fan and simply just happened to see the news, I’d be proud of her and feel that it’s a waste if I didn’t want to share it. According to the JKT48stuff articles (here and here), Melody will be homestaying in Okayama for three days and learning about algriculture in Japan. Since Melo is taking agriculture as her major and attempts to be the Ministry of Agriculture, it’s a perfect opportunity for her as well as Indonesia’s relationship with Japan. But unfortunatelly I still haven’t heard much of her in Indonesia. No national news covers this appointment. Sort of dissapointing, if you ask me. While on the other hand there’s a bad rumor lurking anywhere due to people fast judgement on something that isn’t clear, Melody doesn’t even have any acknowledgement of her achievement here.

Well, I have nothing to say about Indonesian news broadcast. Let’s just hope that they are just a bit slow to respond… Or anything. *shrughs* I’m sure it’ll be recorded in their show eventually. Nevermind though, I will still bid a great congratulation for Melody’s appointment. She is not my oshimen, to be honest. But now I’m fully impressed with her. She’s got to be very shining right now as an idol. Good luck for your homestay in Japan, Melo! πŸ™‚

11 pemikiran pada “Melody JKT48’s Appointment is Unnoticed

  1. JKT48 is still nothing in indonesia. Plus, with so many members, who Melody is to everybody non JKT48 fans. AKB48 is japan’s, JKT48 is japan’s, and melody is about to promote (to sell) japanese fruits in indonesia (she is indonesian). JKT48 is japan’s tool here, japan’s business. Would be a big news if Indonesia gov use JKT48 to promote Indonesian things in Japan. But seems hard to happen as we all can see the ratio of the benefit of JKT48 presence in Indonesia for Japan and Indo (maybe 85:15). I don’t think it’s JKT48 achievement since JKT48 itself is japan’s tool (look how wide Indonesia potential market is). of course they choose JKT48 (but to Melody herself, sure it’s a proud, even I would have be proud too if it was me LOL). Let’s say, it’s something like JKT48 members as “duta” of Lawson, who cares?
    Not hating JKT48, but this will answer your question πŸ™‚

    • Then this is what I said about Indonesian people don’t appreciate this news. Because the purpose of her being fruit ambassador is not from Indonesia to Japan but from Japan to Indonesia, people assume it’s nothing. No matter what purpose it is for, why can we take the positive side of it and just congrats her for her appointment? It doesn’t matter if you like, hate or don’t care about JKT48. There’s a million possibility for Okayama Prefecture to choose another one as fruit ambassador, if they decided to choose Melody we should make a good welcoming on i, despite the main purpose. If it’s not considered as an achievement, at least for hospitality response.

  2. Totally agree.. *nod*

    I can probably still get it if people who are not a fans of JKT48 take her being appointed as the Okayama Ambassador as something of a non- or little- significance. But reading your post I was quite shocked to learn how little attention are given by the JKT48 fans about this, except maybe by those kind people at JKT48stuff–I kinda follow the site dilligently. hehe.

    I’m no wota, just a regular observer–to put it short–but I feel a tinge of pride when I heard the news regarding Melody. It felt like it was something important for her and for JKT48 as a whole. I unconsciously sort of waiting for something to come up on TV about this, alas, no prevail, although at first I thought it was from my lack of local TV hour. So, learning just how little attention is given her achievement saddens me..

    But for what is worth, I think it’s great that JKT48 have the ones who give constant and relentless support to them in their idol-ing journey, people like you guys. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

    • I know, right? Let aside my point as JKT48 fan, it’s should have been reported in Indonesia too. Japan news show great enthusiasm towards this appointnment, but why not us? It’s strange :lol:.

      Perhaps we should just wait about it. I reckon it’ll be recorded in JKT48 Missions, since Melody departure to Japan was mentioned in Hitam Putih.

      • It’s like a bad trend on how we are unable to appreciate the good things that we have and always people from the ‘outside’ to tell us how precious they are really.. It is kinda strange, yes.. *smirk*
        I don’t usually support any music group or artist the way I do JKT48 although I don’t have any particular 48G member that I support. So, this in its own account is kinda strange. hahaha

        Yeah, so looking forward for that episode to be aired.. I hope they will air it sooner before all the hype’s gone.

        • Moreover, there seems also some sceptical comments about the appointment. Since as a fruit ambassador appointed by Japan she has to be a spokeperson to introduce Japanese fruits to Indonesia, they’re like, “it’s no big deal. She brings fruits from Japan to Indonesia, not the other way around.” I somehow feel that maybe that’s how Indonesian will always be to react about this. They’re sceptical, suspicious, and eventually became nosey judgmental chirpers. Oh well, I’m already dissapointed about our people’s responce. Not much to say. :/

          • *nod in agreement*
            Some how they seem to miss the idea that when she’s there she will also bring from Indonesia something far more important: the people. Because that’s what she will be representing in Japan, more than just a member of JKT48, more than just a Jakartan, but an Indonesian. that, to me, deserves a worthy support.

            I support melody as the Okayama Fruit Perfecture. πŸ™‚

            Well at least when this turns out to give greater impact then we get to say ‘I told you so’. hehehe..

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