Chicks in a box


Though a bit smelly, I think we’re agree that chicks are the cutest thing to look at. 20 newborn chicks had been separated from their mother and placed in a small box. Since there’s a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood and my mother’s chickens are often gettting caught by them, my mom decided to put the chicks inside. It’s not unusual for mom to do something like this, but this time we got 20 and I should say that’s quite a number. They are just so cute together, stumbling and chirping along with others. Shame they’ll get scary when grow up. Haha.

Talking about chicks, I also recalled my school days when I still love using notebooks with cute pictures on the cover, and one of them was chicks. Or when I was introduced with ring binder books, collecting colourful and cute looking binder papers began to be one of my hobby. I once had gotten a paper with picture of a girl and chicks in soft green and yellow color, and it was one of my favorite at that time. No matter how many years had gone, baby chicks never fail to make girls squealing the word ‘cute’.

It seems that chicks always relate to the concept of childhood, since you almost can find everything with them on it; stationeries, lunchbox and waterbottle, blanket or even wallpaper. Have you ever thought that maybe chicks are the popular picture to use in a drawing book because it is one of the easiest animal shapes to draw? Moreover, they’re cute! Crappy picture of chicks even is still deemed cute! šŸ˜€

looks like a penguin, or is actually a baby penguin?

I don’t know why looking and writing about chicks give me ansty feeling and nostalgic moment of childhood days, but I guess there’s still a part in my heart that will never abandon my child side. Also, girls are sucker to cute things. How could you avoid those tiny yellow creatures with chirps and small eyes? I guess not. šŸ˜†

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