Marriage is not a rare topic to discuss between my friends and I on Campus. Attending one of our friends’ wedding today has given me some weird feeling, but strangely I found it amusing. I said to my self, “she’s barely 20 and already married, and I don’t even want to talk about marriage with my boyfriend more than five minutes whenever he starts mentioning it.” Really, I admit to myself that the thought of marriage is terrifying. It’s not like I don’t want it, just the time. The readiness to take that step is so far away. Nonetheless, I’m still happy that my friend has finally taken a big step in her life to be a wife. Young marriage, what a brave decision. She said once when asked about her marriage, “It’s better than making sins.” Big WOW.

She’s a very beautiful bride today. Sadly I didn’t have my phone to take some photos, but I’ll ask my friends tomorrow. I never thought before that coming to friend’s wedding reception could be so tiring. I got splashed by muddy truck in wet road since it was raining in the afternoon. But yeah, I’m happy I could come and celebrate with all friends in class. It was a nice moment for me. Seeing the newlyweds sung was also fun. 😆 congratulations for Nurohmah and her newly wed husband. 🙂

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