Saturday, and I’m a Wreck

I swear, it’s one of the hardest post I’ve writen. With a very bad-assed headache that makes me can’t even bear facing phone screen like this, I’m officially busted. Sweet God, how could you create something evil like headache?? I’m seriously dying here. #headbanging.

By the way, it’s Saturday. I’m a lazy bum on Weekend. Some people usually talk about hanging out with their boy or girlfriends, what to wear, and where to go. It’s a common topic around Saturday, sometimes gets too much to catch up. It’s a kind of thing that used by people to make ridiculous jokes about singlers. It’s far from funny and I don’t want to take amusement from it. Honestly, I technically hate those who fuss a lot about Sat night. What about it? I can’t even see any importance in that night. 🙄

It can’t help that I’m having a headache now. Geez, what a wrecking day. And I’m a wreck. I want to brood and sulk and chuck a tantrum. Gah!

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