Sunday and Chinese New Year

Ah, Chinese New Year. Before moving to my current town my mother and I used to pay her friend who married a chinese a visit. Not annually, but often enough that sometimes I felt like I celebrated the day too. Besides the cakes and cookies were great. I’m a bit dissapointed ’cause there aren’t many chinese people in my town, therefore of course won’t be any festival held to celebrate Chinese New Year. It could be a cool entertainment to watch in holiday. I think this semester break won’t be much things to do, though the movies on TV seem interesting to watch. I almost regret not downloading a lot of videos when at campus when there was a lot opportunity to do that, otherwise My day wouldn’t be this boring. 🙄

By the way, lights went off after finishing my first post of Liburan Goal Post yesterday. I thought it’s just so weird, like it’s already planned by God to happen in exact time. God sure has a unique way to prove that there’s no coincidence in this world. 😆 Honestly I don’t have any clue what to write today, so please excuse me for making a short post with no important topic to talk. I’m running out of ideas.

At least I made efforts, right? Well, enjoy your sunny Sunday pals. 🙂 Hopefully your quality time with family will be joyful. Happy Chinese New Year also for those who celebrate it. 😀

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    • It’s “Ang Pao”. Well, Chinese people are friendly and they usually are very welcoming, especially in celebration day. Some of my friends at junior high are Chinese and they used to invite me to their houses. 🙂

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