Late or Early??

There is something funny about my classmates when we’re talking about time. One or two of my classmates have a tendency to come late to class almost everyday. Sometimes I find it annoying; my house is way farther than them and yet them arrive later than me. I asked one which is the most often being late and she said, “I don’t like waiting. It’s so boring to wait for class to start, I won’t like that.”

This answer sure had confused me a lot.

Then I asked the other one for comparasion, and her answer was, “well, you’re lucky ’cause you have someone to give a ride. I have to share my motoroycle to everyone else and somemtimes it takes a long time to wait.”

So basically, I could accept the second person’s answer since the trouble was on vehicle. The first one, however, was quite funny to digest. Isn’t early better than being late? If she’s bored waiting for class to start, can’t at least she arrive on time? Certainly arriving on time or five minutes before class starts is much more preferable. And to think that we’re teacher-wanna be and she has a child, isn’t it bad for an example? If the problem is her daily activity as wife and mom, maybe it’s acceptable. But then again, she can’t be busy everyday, right? I think the exact answer is that she doesn’t really want to arrive on time at all. Factually, even in exam day she tended to come late! One of my teacher scolded her by mildly saying, “when I was in college, I prefered not attending class than arriving late.” Next day she came early, but it just happened for one or two days. So actually she CAN arrive early, but doesn’t want to. Seriously, is that proper for someone who attempts to be a teacher?

In any occupation, late is unacceptable. No matter what condition, if you don’t have any strong excuse for late arriving, it can’t be forgiven. For me, who also hate waiting, I would rather being 30 minutes early than 30 minutes late. It just makes an impression that we aren’t disclipline and don’t care about the importance of time. And of course, won’t you feel embarrased when all eyes are directed on you who’re walking into class after 30 minutes class-run? Well, no thank you. That’s not the kind of attention I would love to have.

This event proved that people love making excuses to avoid being guilty or finding truth in the action, as riddiculous as they sounds. 😆

If I were her when I was asked by the same question, I’d answer, “Well, I DID come early, but time was way faster than my body.” 😀

4 pemikiran pada “Late or Early??

  1. good for you having this kind mindset. 🙂
    i’m the type of person that usually come late to my classes. Well, no excuse here. just can’t organize my things properly.

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