Tagging Game

Hi everyone!

So, this is my answer for violetcactus’s tag in her post about Tagging Game. To be honest, I have several difficulties in finding answers for all questions, since my mind is currently occupied by college papers and test preparations. It took me a lot days to finish this post, kinda like making a paper assignment . 😆 I hope it’s good enough for you. About the tagging game, I think you can read about the whole explanation about this in her post. I’m glad to be the first being tagged by Violet, and her questions are very interesting.

In advance, I should mention 11 things about my self. Here we go;

1) I’m a cat lover, though I’m atshmetic. I have a cat and often play with him, but I’m always warned to be careful about my condition. Sucked.

2) Almost all stuffs of mine are in purple color. Almost.

3) I can spend hours just for sleeping, and keeping my mind occupied by thinking about anything or nothing.

4) Adam Young and his music projects (Owl City and Sky Sailing) are my most favorite.

5) Though I like singing (and people think I’m good of it), I don’t like Karaoke singing. Different case if it’s a contest. 😛

6) I’m terrified of (living) chickens.

7) I prefer wedges than stilletos.

8) I used to hate English so much. I didn’t even think that I would take English as my subject in college. Now I’m studying English to be an English Teacher. (it regards to the 8th question below.)

9) I despise seafoods. Reason? Allergic reactions.

10) I can’t stand looking into people’s eyes when I’m talking to them. I know this is weird, but it never makes me bother to think about the reason.

11) I can be both of these ; the most patient and impatient, or the most obedient and rebellious person you’ve ever met. Don’t ask what does it means, I can’t answer.

And below are my answers ;

1. Which one do you prefer: driving a vehicle or just riding it?
I wish I could drive, since I have no skill in driving a vehicle. So if there’s a chance for me to learn, of course I’d much prefer driving.

2. Who or what is the most impressive inspiration in your life?
My mom. My mom is.. well, everything to me. Everything I do or decide is based on what my Mom has taught to me. I can’t explain much about how my Mom is to me and what made me choose her as my inspiration, but you must probably know the reason.

3. Who is your favorite villain in movie?
Villain, huh? I think it’s Cadaj from Final Fantasy VIII : Advent Children. Reason? He’s cute, and child-like. 😆

4. What is your favorite book genre?
Mostly Fantasy-Romance, But usually I prefer Romace.

5. What is the biggest turn off for you?
Lies. Whatever it is, I can’t forgive lies. I don’t believe in white lies, for me it’s just a pathetic excuse to avoid the guilt. Nobody says truth is kind, but being left in the dark and kept being fed by lies are just hurting and ridiculous.

6. How do you define happines?
Peaceful. For me, happines comes when you have found a peace in your life and soul.

7. Which one would you choose; blissful ignorance or dissagreeble knowledge?
It’s good to know something, but if it only give you troubles in the end then I don’t think that knowlegde is important for me. Like they usually say, “What you don’t know, wouldn’t hurt you.” I mostly agree with it.

8. Do you think karma is real?
It’s real, baby. It’s real. Many concrete examples.

9. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “survival”?
You want an honest answer? Rambo. 😆 Rambo wearing camoflage suits and a weapon in his hand, standing in the middle of a battlefield. Muhahaha. 😆
The next is my mother. She is the great role model of what I think as survival. For me, the way she survives in her life is amazing. I also think that every mother is the great survival with all things thet they’ve done for their family. Not many woman are a great wife and mother; sometimes they can only be one of them or even none.

10. From a male point of view, what do you think about feminism? #if you are female, play as if you are male.
To know your position as a feminist ; a woman. A woman who know to act and show attitude. Not only fussing a lot about “Women’s rights” or whatsoever, but also accept the important responsibility of being a woman. I think many women these days are kind of hypocrites; they demand equality and rights but still being ignorant of their true roles. That’s what I can conclude as the biggest example of feminism abuse. Women have the highest position in community; yet they demand more than they should have. This is what we should straighten in feminism; we are women. We are the daughters, the wives, and the mothers.

11. If you are female, what is the hardest or the heaviest job to do: engineer teacher, interpreter, neurosurgeon, spacecraft pilot, fulltime mother?
It’s hard to choose. I heard that working as austronaut is a very tough job, since everything is different than living in earth; you can’t even take a dump without anticipacing the freeze (no air and gravitation make materials frozen). Spacecraft pilot would be a pain to do so, so I think it’s the hardest job. Being a fulltime mother is hard, but at least you aren’t floating around just to do the simplest thing. 

Oh well… that’s all folks. Phew… already done, finally. Looking forward to write more, so if anyone wants to tag me then please do. Just please be patient, i tend to be overly lazy when I have things to do. 😆

Until later people.

2 pemikiran pada “Tagging Game

  1. aww, congrats for completing this pseudo paper assignment 🙂

    i’m glad i can know you more…
    it’s hard to believe that you didn’t like english before. an example of hatred that turns into, well, love?

    kadaj.. oh, you reminds me of him :3

    anything you said about mother, is something i can’t disagree with.. and you stole my words regarding feminism, haha..

    thanks for these insightful answer. have a delightful weekend 😉

    • Thanks for comment.

      About English, well you can imagine how shocked I am when I get more in love with English knowing in the past I once hated it so much. 😆 It’s good, though. I can say much about other subject, unfortunatelly.

      Kadaj is a very cute villain, makes me just want to hug and kiss him. :*

      And about feminism, well.. You know what most women do with their real role as a feminist. I think it’s time for us to rethink about it, as an instrospection. I’m glad you agreed with me. 🙂

      Have a nice weekend too, and you’re welcome. 😀

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