A little (beautiful) Japanese Boy?

Related to my post about my college trip months ago , I recalled a little experience in visiting Prambanan Temple last March. I’ve made an Indonesian post about my college trip in Yogyakarta before, so you can read it if you want (in case if you’re Indonesian). Now I don’t want to tell the entire story about my visit, only a simple story in that event.

Prambanan was my first place in Yogyakarta to visit, and I can’t deny that it’s one of the most magnificent structures I’ve ever seen. I spent three hours wandering around and taking photos before my cellphone died and I didn’t have any camera to use. Well, not so good. I talked to several foreign people and it’s a nice conversation, I could finally used my ability in speaking English to talk with native speakers. How wonderful. Among those fascinating foreigners who also wandered and took photos, there’s a Japanese family that caught my interest. It was a couple with a boy and girl, and their older sister. Like tupical Japanese girl who is commonly beautiful and fashionable, she looked very pretty. But when I looked at her younger brother, I almost gaped in surprise : he’s like a very cute girl wearing boy clothes, and even prettier than his older sister (the other one is younger, she’s also cute but not that pretty). I laughed inwardly and said to my friend, “that’s sure the type of a child you’d wish to have.” She couldn’t even agree more. 😆

Sadly, I didn’t get any chance to take a picture of them. I wish I could, but no such luck. To freshen my memory about this fascination experience, I showed few photos in Prambanan.




You can read the story here. Well, this is my draft which has been rottimg in the list. Next post will be my answer for Violetcactus tag on her post. Until later people.

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