Officialy 21

It’s a delayed post that I should have done yesterday. Since I caught a flu and it got worse, I couldn’t even stand looking at the phone screen. Yesterday I turned to 21, so it’s a bit sucked knowing I was sick and couldn’t function properly. Even today I’m still dizzy. 🙄

I didn’t have any party nor wishes from my family. I got several from friends though, and it’s enough to cheer me up from my frustating state. Basicaly my family aren’t fond with birthday thing. We rarely celebrate anyone’s birthday except for ocasional wishes. Not that they didn’t remember it, but it’s just uncommon for them to celebrate such thing as birthday. Well, I might be hoping some wishes from them, but it wouldn’t be good if I was reminded that a year has been added to my age. 😆 It’s like an obvious showing that I’m getting older and needing to mind my future and responsibility.

Rain and small accident also added the gloomy effect. It was raining heavily here last night, and I also got my finger burned after touching the heated frying pan. It worsen my mood and I locked myself in my room like always. Mom wasn’t happy to hear me coughing and sniffing so she came with a cajuput oil, “Tomorrow, please bring your hoodie or hat so you’re safe from rain.”

Always showing affection in small actions, that’s my mom.

Yeah, well… Not a good way to celebrate my birthday. In my current state, being sick when everyone gave wishes for your health just kinda made me pout inwardly and say, “Gimme cake or something! I need some spoils!” haha.

The important part is that I’m officialy 21 as for now. It has a special meaning despite my bablings about this year’s birthday, because I can talk about it freely on my blog. Usually I only write everything in my mind about my birthday on journal, but now I’ve finnaly got a chance to tell what I feel here. One thing to add in my reason lists of having a blog. 🙂

So, happy birthday to me and all fellas who’re born yesterday. 😀

Best wishes~

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