Shopkeeper Rants

Firstly, it’s my little rants. I should have gotten it done by yesterday, but my mind chose to be lazy at the time. You don’t have to say anything, and I don’t expect you to. It’ll be kind of boring, though.

So the thing is, about my being a keeper in my family shop. Since our house is a shop house, sometimes I am needed to help my parent running the shop as the shopkeeper. You know, it’s the least favorite job for me to do. You just sit, handle costumers, check all items, sit again, handle costumers again, and check items again, AND so on until you’re dismissed from duty. It’s okay if costumers are normal (asking when necessary, buying and paying properly, not being rude), but you can’t always have this people as costumers everytime. In a lot of occasions you’d find by being a shopkeeper means your patience is tested, or maybe close to being abused. Asking questions or paying with poor condition bucks are one thing, but every shopkeeper can’t always accept complains from costumers if the items get more expensive or if we’re running out of stocks. For God’s sake, I’m just a shopkeeper. I can’t just lower the price whenever they want a cheaper item, or magically make the stocks available. I don’t say costumers aren’t allowed to give complains, they are kings (and queens in female’s case) after all. I’m only thinking about how these kind of costumers can’t get the clue that this is only a small shop; we just sell, don’t produce.

And the complains. Yes, complains and whines. A woman stands in front of shop asking about some items, if she doesn’t get good answer then she’d simply ask to meet the manager/boss. She accepts every word easily from the owner because it’s the onwner, not the shopkeeper. I explain to her as patient as possible and she doesn’t believe me, but a few words from the owner satisty her. I can’t understand how this happens. On the other hand, I can’t complain much about costumers’ behavior. My parents would just say, “Deal with it. They’re the costumers, where you get your daily allowance from.”

So cold.

About this, I shared my opinion with my classmate who also helps her parents running their shop, and we also experienced the same things in handling costumers. I suppose we both agreed that being a shopkeeper is hard. All you wang to do is to chuck a tantrum like children. 😆

So if I ever find someone who really enjoy working as shopkeeper, I will give my full appreciation for him/her. They must have a very big heart to do this job, something that I lack of. I can’t do it, I am not that patient. I don’t think I can hold my temper well with those costumers.

Like I said, it’s just my ranting about sillyness in working as a shopkeeper. Boring, huh?

4 pemikiran pada “Shopkeeper Rants

  1. yeah, your patience is not fitting to handle daily routine job as shopkeeper, i think.
    you prefer something which is brain challenging, right?
    hehe.. just deal with it, there’s a lesson learnt..

    by the way, you can now join the game of tagging, check it..

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