Small Reward

How’s your feeling when it’s supposed to be an important day and everything’s already prepared, but suddenly your shoe heel broke? That’s a pretty moodkill yesterday. I had a group presentation and came to campus in my best appearance (with formal suits and black formal higheels), but everything crashed when the heel of my right shoe broke. God, I felt like crying at the moment. I glued the heel with wood glue just for temporary repairment because I didn’t have any time buying the new one. I think God must have pitied me because my presentation went so well and I got a small reward as the best speaker of the presentation. Only a Silverquint Chunkybar chocolate, and though I felt like a child recieving a thing like this I was undoubtely happy.

my reward

It’s been a while since I got something as reward from my lecturer. In high school I’d always get a reward from my teacher as the one of five top scorers, mostly were chocolates. I don’t know what is it about teachers and chocolates, but I’m grateful enough to recieve their rewards. I really appreciate it. I don’t mind about the chocolates though, but those have a special meaning for me. Maybe this time is the most special because what happened before the presentation. I thought I couldn’t do it, but then it happened smoothly, and finnaly I got a small reward for my efforts to give a best performance in presentation.

Actually, I find kinda amusing because I did once a similar thing to my course students. The first thing that appeared in my head at the moment was, “Now I’m the one who get a gift.” 😆 they were not showing much enthusiasms as I gave them their rewards. Me in the other hand had been grining like crazy and even let a goofy smile plastered on my face in journey to home. It seemed that I couldn’t handle my excitement as well as my former students.

First ‘actual’ reward for being the best after 2 years studying in college. Hahaha..

crazy grin

Even my black cat is grinning for me. 😉

10 pemikiran pada “Small Reward

  1. mean, you are the special one, have higher value than others, because you are the snart one.
    I did love english, i used to speak english at school, but unfortunately somefriend judge me as arrogant. huh!

  2. Saya masih belajar Bahasa Inggris sampai sekarang, seminggu dua kali…
    Tapi tetep saja nggak lancar2…

    Selamat atas kesuksesan dalam melaksanakan tugasnya…

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