Comes from Something Cheap

I just bought a mini mp3 player costed 45,000- IDR yesterday. The transparent cubic box includes the mini mp3 player, an earphone and a USB port cable, but not with the memory SD card. Oh, well, guess I should buy it tomorrow or when I get a chance. The important think for now, I finally have a mp3 player. The cheap one, I know (only $4). This won’t be something I’d love to use forever since it’s nothing like an actual and good-quality mp3 player. Well, better than nothing. What do we expect from something like this?

Arriving at home, I plugged the USB port cable to the adaptor charger and let this thing charged until next 2 hours. Oddly enough there’s no indication if it’s already fully charged, which made me worried a bit. So I searched on Google for further informations since there is no manual for the gadget, in hope to find some reassuring answers. Yeah, if the results could reassure you. Lists were only stuffed by sale reviews and not about how to charge it. On, the reviews showed didn’t help at all. One thing I could conclude that a lot of people find this thing sucked with its functional lackiness and I almost regretted buying it. :/ good thing it’s only that cheap so I wouldn’t be dissaponted about the ammount of money I’ve spend on it. 🙄 What came from something cheap shouldn’t be expected much, yes?

Mental note to myself : be money-wise and always have a second thought if I want to buy something. No matter how cheap it is. Money-wise. Money. Wise.

Actually, I found a review about a mini mp3 player which have the same shape as mine. Just being curious, I wonder what of it that related to “Hello Kitty”?

Instructions for a Mini Kitty MP3 Player Including Viewing the Contents and Loading Songs

image sources from the link above

The brand, maybe?

Well, If this instruction is valid then it’s the answer. Can’t hope much though. 😦

Note : I changed my blog icon. 😛

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