At Weekend : Blogwalking, Anyone?

After listening to Puffy AmiYumi‘s song “All Because of You“, an idea popped in my head to search for Japanese people who write English blogs. I googled it yesterday and found a site called The Japan Blog List. This site contains lists of Japan related blogs which are written in English, and in my observation they mostly are foreigners who share their living or visiting experiences in Japan on personal blogs. I didn’t get much times to explore all blogs in the list, so I just chose randomly on blogs like “Without my diary” Cassie’s travelblog and The Japanese School Lunch Blog. It’s cool to read their stories about Japan how they live in this state, Kinda makes me want to go there. šŸ˜† I really wish I could though, but reading their blog is quite enough for me to know more about living in Japan. I’m very grateful because they write it in English since a lot of people can’t speak Japanese. Then again, they use WordPress for blogging flatform which is easier for me to read and give comments. šŸ™‚

And for today I still continue my blogwalking, but on Indonesian blogs written in English. I found a similar list as in Japan Blog List, Blogger Indonesia of the Week by The blog itself is quite awesome though, because it’s writen in full English and I don’t think I could find any mistake in the posts. I’ve just read one of Fatih Syuhud articles about Ten Reasons Why We Blog in English, and I honestly think his English is excellent.

I suppose it’s good to do blogwalking at weekend. I don’t say I’m free from work on Saturday and Sunday, with chores and college tasks and quiz preparations as well. At least weekend is the time for us to relax from all hectics in work or school, so just take the opportunity and use it as long as you can. Obligation comes first, but can’t we have some fun for a while? šŸ˜† well, I’m looking forward to doing more blogwalking stuffs. Perhaps next time I’m free enough to do it. Haha. šŸ˜›

By the way, I watched a show in NHK about Saint Petersburg. I know it’s out of topic, but since NHK is a Japanese bilingual TV station in I think you should know (in case if you haven’t known about it). The show told us about all things in Saint Petersburg and my favorite is the Matryoshka doll stand. I reaaally love this doll so much. :heart:

president-shaped matryoshka doll

I think it’s the president-shaped one that was showed on the program, but I’m not really sure. I wish I could buy it, hmm.. šŸ˜„

Last words, I will be having several quizes started from tomorrow Sunday. Wish me luck, and until later people.

4 pemikiran pada “At Weekend : Blogwalking, Anyone?

  1. klo aku penasaran nyari blogger dari arab saudi yg kira2 nulis pake inggris , ada nggak yah? gimana keywordnya di google enake?
    terobsesi ke japan neh? klo aku pengen ke usa.

    • Hmm.. Mungkin bisa dengan “Arabian English Blog” atau “Arabian blog writen in English”.
      Dari dulu memang kepingin banget ke Jepang, tapi ga pernah kesampaian šŸ˜†
      Kalo baca2 blog yang udah pernah ke sono kan seru gitu. Haha..

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