At Weekend : Blogwalking, Anyone?

After listening to Puffy AmiYumi‘s song “All Because of You“, an idea popped in my head to search for Japanese people who write English blogs. I googled it yesterday and found a site called The Japan Blog List. This site contains lists of Japan related blogs which are written in English, and in my observation they mostly are foreigners who share their living or visiting experiences in Japan on personal blogs. I didn’t get much times to explore all blogs in the list, so I just chose randomly on blogs like “Without my diary” Cassie’s travelblog and The Japanese School Lunch Blog. It’s cool to read their stories about Japan how they live in this state, Kinda makes me want to go there. 😆 I really wish I could though, but reading their blog is quite enough for me to know more about living in Japan. I’m very grateful because they write it in English since a lot of people can’t speak Japanese. Then again, they use WordPress for blogging flatform which is easier for me to read and give comments. 🙂

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