Some People Need Bashings

Oh, okay. I am in a rather bad mood when writing this post, so please excuse me if it offends you. It’s just a disturbing event in my class yesterday, and I still feel annoyed by it.
In my class we talked about Christmas Day since it’s mentioned on the novel we’re discussing at the moment. I’ve known in the first plece that it’d be some mock conversation about other religion beliefs (most of us are Muslims), and it turned up as I’ve predicted. This was the thing I’d always hate about this kind of people ; who seemed not bother about other people religion beliefs, but obviously held offends in their talks.

I don’t know why those people intend to be like this, but the point is I really hate hypocrites like them. It’s just like, “Yeah, I am okay with other religions. I just found it on some debates that they are blah blah blah..” Now, isn’t it sounded like some kind of racism and belief-abusers? More ironicly, the informations were sourced from debates, not by personal experiences. They even show much sarcasms, as if it’s cool to do that. I just felt like throwing my stilleto shoes and screaming “SHUT UP!!” to them.

I was born as a Muslim. I live and will die as a Muslim, of course. But I spend my lifetime living with people from other religions to know better than judge their beliefs. Someone would judge me being “proud” because I attended Catholic School, and I’ll never deny that. I AM proud of my almamater though it’s has different religion from me. I never tried to ask them why they believe in Jesus Christ and I always respect they belief. I don’t even try asking about Hindu and Buddha’s religion cultures and concept of beliefs. I understand that those are their way to praise God though it’s different than Islam. What I don’t understand is, why those people can’t do the same? Why does it seem hard for them?

I mean, we can’t always ask why things in this world ever exist. If there are other religions which have differents concepts from ours, then why should we bother to discuss them and conclude false opinions based on such a little knowdleges? Because it’s obviously offensive and plain stupid; the way you talk about some kind of experts who in fact know nothing about said religions. It’d be so funny if we talk about our own religions when most of us don’t even have strong faith on it. Hypocrite, huh?

So let me tell you something; don’t even make some conclusions about other religion beliefs if you personaly know nothing about them. Also, don’t judge them if you don’t want to be judged back as well. People love to judge other, but they refuse to be judge. It’s childish, considering that you’re educated. Educated people I know will never hold offensiveness in their speechs, especially about cultures and religions, because they have logics. If you still act offensive about other cultures and religions, then I’d say you have no logic and aducational history at all. For the God’s sakes, just what kind of world you’re living in?

They need some bashings, seriously. Like high-rated bitch slaps. 😆
I’d love to do the favor.

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