The Need To Buy Things

I’ve been struggling whether to buy a new charger since my old one won’t work anymore. I didn’t have any choice but to buy a new charger, so I did. I bought a cheap charger by 15k IDR, and it relieves me so much that now I don’t need to share my spare with bro. That’s a good news to me. 😆

I have problems with sharing things. I’d much prefer buying stuffs for my own and the others as a spare , so there will be no sharing with anyone else when I need to use something. Sometimes I’d buy two or even three pairs to assure myself that if I lost one, then I won’t need to purchase the new one.

Mostly it looks like I’m wasting my money for unnecessary things, but just imagine when you need to buy something in urgent because some accidents, like when you lost or got the stuff broken. It turns out that you don’t have a chance to go to a shop or store or there’s no one to help you buying it. Sucks huh? Mom often scolds my habit of buying things more than necessary, and I seriously have been trying to beat it. So far, there’s no improvement on my efforts, since I’m still buying things in two or three pairs. Haha. 😛

It’s just so hard to endure myself from this kind of habit. Especially since I can easily lose my things, everytime I go to shop my first thought will be, “I will buy one for me, one as a spare, and if possible another one as emmergency.”
My goodness, isn’t it weird? No wonder my drawer is always full. 😀

Well, fortunately it only happens on small things like USB Flash Disk, card reader, stationery, and others which I don’t intend to buy frequently. Clothes are different case, but shoes still included since they hate my big feet, and make up kits.

Oh my poor bugdet, you will never be fed well. 😥


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