Just Random Thing to Say

I’m just posting this to add another blue coloured date on the calendar below, though there’s nothing big to share for today. Haha. Yeah so.. Today is my last classes for this week, or it supposed to because apparently I came to my campus just for wasting times in front of laptop.
I was a bit upset though I’d still come for free hotspot. Like, someone texted me to ask about the class, but the fact that I was the only one came is the most annoying. At least someone could tell me that the class is cancelled, so I won’t be too upset. Well.. Nothing much to say for today. I think being in such a small communication with my college mates is disturbing.

So I’m upset, but not much. Just grouchy about light outs earlier. You see my laptop isn’t in good condition with its damaged battery and always has to be plugged if I want to turn it on. Last month my laptop adaptor was broken and I was such in panic state. Fortunately I bought an universal adaptor, but I’m still a bit worried about using my laptop. Haha.

That’s all. By the way I was thinking about finishing my Bali trip draft. Wish me luck :).


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