finals’ dilemmas

I just realized that I stil haven’t finished all final tasks, and ironicly last tuesday night I spent hours in front of my laptop just doing unnecessary things. Haha. What a lazy bum. ketika daku bangun dan menyadari hari Rabu datang dan salah dua, bukan satu final test yang membutuhkan tugas akhirku diselesaikan, yang ada malah aku asyik-asyik sendiri edit-editan photo. ckckck. these final things are going to make me crazy. Rasanya kepingin banget seharian tidur biaq pikiran jadi tenang.

talking about Wednesday, I went to local water boom with my classmates and two lecturers. I’ll tell the detail in another post, tapi setidaknya aku bisa bilang acara hari ini menarik. The photos I took were still on my friends, jadi kalo di post sekarang kan gx enak kalo tanpa photo. Hehe. The bad thing is, after that I couldn’t get a chance to update windows on my laptop. It sucked so much when I got back to campus and went inside to surf internet with free hot spot in my campus, a senior came and bothered me. Again.

A story about this annoying senior guy, a week ago when he spotted me with my laptop he suddenly came and asked me to do his task.

The heck?

I politely told him that I still had something to do and didn’t have times to help him. With much annoying attitude he still asked me and even borrowed my laptop to logged in Facebook.

Good Lord. There’s something about seniors which is sooo plainly annoying. Ugh, a senior girl in another day borrowed my laptop and logged in Facebook for a half an hour. And at Wednesday this guy almost attempted to borrow my laptop again. I told them I had to use my laptop because my father was going to pick me up from campus soon (I know. I’m a daddy’s little girl). By that, he went away. So to say, when you met seniors like these, you’d better go away or tell them go. Hahaha.