And everything is gone..

What a lame post title. Lol. But really, I’ve been truly upset yesterday because my Oxford mini dictionary was gone. I didn’t even realized that it’s not in my bag and my room until I searched through every single spot in the room. I’m dead. The book is important and I lost it. Suck me.
I’m known as a person who always lost things. At the college trip, I lost several things. One of them happened to be my important thing and I lost it. Haha. How stupid, and the ironic thing that it’s happened again.

Note to self : don’t let your bad habit getting worse each days.

Yeah so I’m sulking right now. And the fact that my final tasks have yet to be finished is not helping. Uh, I think I’m going to explode soon. I spent three days with only few hours sleeping, again, and the eye bags are worse than before. I feel like zombie. No no, I’m the zombie now. Haha.

Jadi, pertanyaannya apakah saya akan bertahan dari perjuangan hingga sebulan ke depan? Itulah saudara2, daku pun gx yakin. Tapi nanti akan di postkan (pada akhirnya) kisah perjalanan di Yogyakarta. Berhubung postnya panjang banget dan aku belum sempet ke warnet untuk copy naskahnya ke wordpress, jadi belum yakin kapan. Pokoknya minggu depan.

Lha, sudah siang ya? Wkwk. Sholat dhuhur dulu yuk. Have a nice day 🙂