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Oh, okay. Not wanting to make my blog lifeless with no new entries, I think I’m just going to fill it with some random things. Yeah, I’m a random. The plan to post my other events from my college trip is burned. I’m totally screwed due to my final’s preparation, final tasks and all. About two days I’ve been staying late just to type my tasks and those haven’t even finished yet. Bless me. I feel like a zombie walking around with messy hair and clothes and a pair heavy bags under my eyes.

So in this post, aside from the couple of whines above I’ll talk a bit about myself. Not a narcisstic thing, but just shares. Haha.

Firstly, my real name’s Nur’aini. My pen name Annie Tjia used with some chronologies behind it. Annie is my nickname and I got Tjia from my bestfriend. She used ‘Tjia’ as her facebook last name before eventually change it and I asked to use it too. Since then, I always use name Annie Tjia for my network accounts. I think it’s a good name, though people who know me got confused because they didn’t recognize the name. Lol. My birthday date is November 18th. I was born in Indonesia, a beautiful country in South East Asia. My ethnicities descended from two kinds, Lampung and Balinese. But many people said I resembled more of Balinese faces. My skin is a bit darker than tan, big eyes and curly hair. It used to be straight, it could be because I never care to do something for its healthines. Oh well, it’s not like I really give a thing about my looks. 😆 My religion is Islam, like most Indonesian people.

My family is not big. Only father, mother, and a baby brother named Ali. He is, I don’t know what to say, a bit unusual. he can see anything we can’t, like ghosts. sometimes I find him creepy, but I love to death. He’s usually funny, a bit annoying for certain moments, but he’s my best friend and we share a lot of things together. He attends a high school in Science class, though actually he wanted to take SE class. About my parents, they are not really special. They came from different kind of ethnicities and religion. We have a shop house for 6 years and the business has been good recently. so just say I’m in average level family.

About my college, I take English as a foreign language for my major. it’s something I like to do, and the only thing I can honestly say to be good at (maybe). I was in vocational high school before, taking Accountancy program. but then I realized that accountancy is too dificult to follow so I choose English instead. yeah, you have to decide waht’s the best fo you, right? Besides my first plan was to go to tourism school because in tourism school you can learn more than one language. But don’t you think that Accountancy is hard. From what I’ve learned Accountancy is not really difficult to learn, you just need to be careful and thorough. Those are things I seem to lack of. Lol.

About my friends, well I don’t have many people I consider as friends. I’m actually an individualistic person so even though I do mingle and hang out with my friends, people always see me by myself. I don’t know why I am like that, it’s just sometimes I need times and spaces for myself. I do socialize, but I also need to be alone.

I’ll update more soon. to be continued…

4 pemikiran pada “About Me

  1. Hi, dear. This is Yusuf. I hope you remember me. I met you in Chandra while I was parchasing perfume. You helped me as a translator. Here I visited your blog. It is really great. Thank you. Hope we can be pen friend and share views. My email is md.tanviryusuf@outlook.com. Text me if you are kind enough. Thank you.

    • Oh I rembered you! Thanks again for purchasing in our store and for visiting at my blog. 😊 I’d love to be your pen friend but I rarely ever use email. If you have any line or bbm account it’ll be easier for me to text you. Anyway, thanks a lot for your visit here. 😊😊

    • Sometimes it’s creepy when he suddenly asked me whether I could see anything on his back or something behind me, when in my eyes there nothing to be seen. On the other hand, it’s really interesting to hear his story about those ghosts and unseen beings. 🙂

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