A Cancelled post which is unsure if will be posted soon

Oh, well. I should have posted a post about an ulcer I got since a week ago according to the plan. But I didn’t, due to my lack of spirit and a bit of distraction about something I don’t even remember. Yeah, utterly pathetic. The draft is still on my flash disk, currently haven’t been edited yet. I shared about a Korean Drama on LBS TV ‘The Legend’. Maybe tomorrow, I’m not sure.

Last Tuesday, everything was hectic on my update status. The thing is that a few of my classmates were mad and argued each other because my conversation with one of them seemed insulting the others. I was cool and said to them that what I said is in fact true, but then things had gotten hotter in seconds and bam. Anti climacs. The one I had the conversation first just begged to just dropped it all. Aha. Young man who couldn’t stand the argument. I can’t blame him though, I myself was slightly annoyed when they suddenly posted some angry comments about my conversation with him, saying that what we said had insulted. I could’t think it as my fault because all my sayings were only opinions, besides everyone knew those were the truths. At campus it’s awkward and weird considering we had argued at Facebook. LOL. Well, people argue a lot. Don’t get childish for something like this.